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From Jeddah, with its rich culture and history, Passing through Al-Ula, the greatest masterpiece known in history, to Madina and Hail, to the heart of the capital, Riyadh Where we go on a tour accompanied by passion, rich adventure, legends and fairy tales About the most beautiful historical and natural sites in Saudi Arabia, and the trip begins with

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A 10-day tour that combines nature and heritage exploration can offer a diverse and enriching travel experience. Here's a sample itinerary that takes you through a mix of natural wonders and cultural heritage sites. Keep in mind that this itinerary can be adjusted to fit your preferences and the specific destinations you have in mind Itinerary Day 1Jeddah Reach out and get ready Arrival and hotel check-in Visit Al Tayebat International City A tour around history in Al-Tayyibat International City for Science and Knowledge in Jeddah, A landmark that embodies human civilization through different eras and tells the pioneering historical era of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It includes three museums: the Al Tayebat International for Human Civilizations, the Home Arts Museum, and the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum. We enjoy exploring its lands because of the national culture and historical legacy of the Saudi, Islamic and international civilization. Visit Obhur Beach Enjoy a tour of Obhur Beach in Jeddah, among the white sands, clear waters, and unique marine life with waters full of life. And coral reefs with bright colors, And nature of enchanting beauty. Elements that make Obhur Coast a natural wonder among the most prominent tourist sites in Saudi. Visit the waterfront A tour to enjoy the magic of sunset and the picturesque beauty of the Red Sea, exploring the Jeddah Corniche, with its long golden sandy beaches And its picturesque passages, One of the most prominent treasures of the city and its magnificent landmarks Visit Jeddah Sculpture Museum An enjoyable tour through which we explore the first open museum in Jeddah for aesthetic figures in the Corniche, as it is one of the largest open museums in the world and includes the most diverse public art holdings in the world, as the range of works extends from traditional Arab designs to abstract art and memorials Dinner Head to Hotel Day 2Jeddah - Al Ula Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel Visit Jeddah Al-Balad We stand on the edge of the majestic Gate of Mecca, We contemplate the features of the renewal and developmental architecture of its monumental walls that extend to the Middle Ages, And through it, we enjoy exploring its majestic houses, designed with a very distinctive and beautiful structure. Where it was built using coral reefs extracted from the depths of the Red Sea, And the bright balconies of exquisite colors known as mashrabiyat. Lunch Heading to Al Ula Arrival and hotel check-in Visit AlUla Old Town Or, as some call it, the old town we do an unforgettable tour to explore history. It dates back to the 14th century AD, it is 650 years old, They are the ruins of about 800 homes spread around a tall castle facing farms that were irrigated by springs that dried up years ago A visit to the Harrat Awerid viewpoint An enjoyable tour of the Hara Aweerid, which is full of many lookout points that offer you wonderful views of the beautiful landscapes. Where we can enjoy watching the stony terrain of black lava Visit the hanging lakes A park that contains many organic fruits and charming lakes Dinner & Heading to the Hotel Enjoying the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality and Head back to the hotel for a rest Day 3ِAl Ula Breackfast Breakfast at the hotel to get the energy needed to take a special tour to explore the charming landmarks of Al-Ula Visit Hegra (Madain Saleh) An enjoyable tour of the Nabataeans’ stone “masterpiece”. we explore the ornate, hand-carved facades of the Nabataean cemeteries in the city of Hegra, which played a pivotal role in the prosperity of the Nabataean Empire, which remains shrouded in mystery. Visit THE DIWAN AND JABAL ITHLIB Religious or ritual practices at Hegra were concentrated around Jabal Ithlib, a natural mountain outcrop to the east of the city. Visit JABAL ALAHMAR Among Hegra’s outcrops is Jabal AlAhmar, a name referring to the red hue of the rock. This location has 18 tombs, of which, a few were recently excavated. Visit JABAL ALBANAT Over 100 monumental tombs are carved into the rocky outcrops surrounding the ancient city of Hegra. Jabal AlBanat has one of the largest clusters of tombs; 29 tombs are carved on all sides of the sandstone rock Lunch & rest Enjoy the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level and take a rest Visit a private museum Visit a private museum, which contains many archaeological tools used by the people of ancient Al-Ula Visit HARRAT VIEWPOINT Harrat Viewpoint is an outdoor seating area and outlook at the top of Harrat Uwayrid. Dinner & back to the hotel Enjoy the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality, and then go to the hotel for an overnight stay Day 4 Al-Ula - Medina Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel Head to Medina Go to Medina, which is 330 km away Arrival and hotel check-in Arrival in Medina and check-in to the hotel Visit Al-Ghamama Mosque Al-Ghamama Mosque is at the site where the Prophet ﷺ performed the Eid prayer in Medina. This place was the last place in which the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, performed the Eid prayer in 631 AD, as the Prophet performed the absentee prayer for the Negus. Prayers are still held in it despite its proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque. It is one of the archaeological and historical mosques in Medina Visit Quba Avenue Quba Street is distinguished by its connection to an important group of Islamic and historical landmarks in Medina. From Al-Masjid an-Nabawi through the Eid al-Nabawi prayer halls. It is part of the prophetic path that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, was taking. And the homes of the people of Medina during the Prophet’s era. And the first Friday mosque in Islam. All the way to Quba Mosque, the first mosque founded in Islam Visit Quba Mosque The Quba Mosque was the first mosque built in Islam. The first mosque built in the Prophet’s city Dinner Head to the hotel Head to the hotel to rest Day 5 Medina - Hail Have breakfast and check out from the hotel A tour of the courtyards of the campus A tour of the courtyards of the Prophet’s Mosque to learn about the historical and archaeological monuments there Visit the Hejaz Railway Museum The Hejaz Railway Museum allows its visitors to learn about the heritage of Medina and highlights the heritage value of the historical components in the region. The museum, which is a view of the people of Taiba and its visitors, contains 14 halls that display the history and heritage of Medina from ancient times until today. In a unique and modern way that facilitates the recipient to obtain the information he needs Lunch & rest Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality Visit the Qiblatain Mosque The construction of the mosque dates back to the seventh century AD. It is considered one of the oldest mosques that dates back to the time of Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. With the Quba Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque. The design and decoration of the mosque aims to promote Islamic culture. knowledge of Islamic history, And creating an atmosphere suitable for contemplation for the millions of pilgrims who visit the site every year. Visit Urwa bin Zubair We explore the Urwa Ibn Al-Zubayr Palace, which is a tourist attraction of historical importance Go to Hail, 429 km away Arrival and hotel check-in Dinner overnight Day 6 Hail Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel Visit the inscriptions of “Jabal Umm Sinman” Mount A tour to the unique Jubbah site to explore its many distinctive rock art spanning its history 7000 years before the present, it contains rock carvings that distinguish important historical periods depicting camels, goats, horses, palms, and other sculptures that represent the Thamudic period in that region Visit AlAyadah Museum farm We explore the depth of history at AlAyadah Museum in Jubbah. It exhibits collections, antiques, and displays inside the museum, including painting, displaying craft products, and exhibitions of handicrafts Lunch Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality Visit Hatem Al-Tai historical houses A tour to explore the vineyards in the houses of “Hatem Al-Taie” who lived in (Aja and Salma), which is considered one of the most important cultural sites; Due to the connection of his name with the biography of Al-Tai and the Tayy tribe that lived in the place Tour in Barzan old Market A tour of the Barzan market to explore its popular position, which tells the scent of the past and the time of parents and grandparents for generations and its heritage continues to touch joy and pleasure with every moment the market in the historical area in the center of Hail lives within the social and cultural identity of a valuable narrator that everyone is proud of in our distinct cultural and architectural heritage, known since ancient times, Specifically, about (100) years ago Dinner Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality Head to Hotel Seventh DayHail - Riyadh Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel Visit A’arif fort A tour to explore an archaeological fortress, witness to the civilization of Hail, dating back to 1840 AD. Visit “Lqit bialmadi athr” historical museum A special tour in a museum that contains unique exhibits of a specific heritage quality, Each of them brings you the history and events of eras whose evidence remains in this museum, To foretell the generations of the grandeur and splendor of the history of the region in all that it contains Visit Hatem Al-Tai’s stove Visit the fireplace of Hatem Al-Ta’i, the symbol of generosity, which was famous for staying for long periods and burning in it, until the passersby found his location, which he used to light at night to guide the guests to his home. Head to Riyadh Arrival and hotel check-in Lunch Visit the Kingdom Tower Boulevard tour Dinner Heading to the hotel for the overnight stay day eightRiyadh Breakfast Visit Masmak Palace A fun tour in the oldest popular market in Riyadh, and it is characterized by the collection of various heritage and old collectibles Visit the National Museum It is a huge national museum in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. opened in 1999, It is located in the eastern part of the King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh. Visit Al Zal Market A fun tour in the oldest popular market in Riyadh, and it is characterized by the collection of various heritage and old collectibles Lunch Enjoy an authentic traditional Saudi meal, served with high quality Visit the historical Al-Turaif neighborhood From stunning castles to beautiful Najdi landscapes – discover Al Turaif with a tour! An important historical and architectural stop, Al Turaif District in Diriyah is the cradle of the first Saudi dynasty and a world heritage site with over three hundred years of history. Picturesque and historical, this first Saudi state is looped by Wadi Hanifah and has more than its fair share of great architecture sprinkled within it. Visit the historical Al-Bujairi district Al-Bujairi is located in the historic Diriyah, which is located in the northern part of Riyadh. Al-Bujairi is distinguished from others by a great cultural value and a distinct strategic location Dinner Head to Hotel ninth dayRiyadh Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel to get the energy needed for the special tour Visit the Kingdom Tower view A tour of the Kingdom’s viewpoint, and the Sky Bridge is the highest viewpoint in the Middle East. It is located at an altitude of 300 meters Visit the Museum of Arab and Islamic Art The museum contains pieces of Arab and Islamic art from all over the world. Lunch Visit KAFD KAFD is considered a strategic site from the beginning. From being – a valley – to the largest financial centers in the Middle East. This center combines architecture, nature and art Visit Riyadh Boulevard Everything about it is beyond imagination. With its giant illuminated screens that evoke the spirit of Time Square, And its angles that are full of activities Dinner & Heading to the Hotel Enjoying the authentic Saudi traditional meal at a high level of quality and Head back to the hotel for a rest day tenRiyadh Breakfast Have breakfast at the hotel Visit the edge of the world Enjoy watching stunning views of the edge of the world overlooking the many valleys head back to Riyadh and have Lunch at a traditional restaurant End of the program



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